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Hello Sphynx Fans! 

There will also be other fun odds, ends, tips and tricks! And of course many MANY gorgeous photos of Sphynx kitties!

"Owned By A Sphynx Magazine" is a full color magazine that is available as a printed magazine, and also an interactive online/app as well!


Some of the Sections in the magazine will be on important topics such as Grooming, Simple Genetics, Health and Showing. Other topics will be...

Sphynx Abroad

Discussing the Sphynx breed in other Countries around the World.

"Artist And Artisan Spotlight" 

Articles and Interviews showing wonderful Sphynx themed art pieces and work created by Sphynx enthusiast.  

My Love Story 

Owner written pieces talking about how they fell in love with this incredible breed and some of the highlights of their life living with Sphynx.  

My Adventure...

Articles written from a Sphynx point of view on their adventures in the world. A different Sphynx and Writer will be featured each time. 


Happy Birthday Gallery

A photo page to wish all the kitties 6 years and older a happy birthday. Pictures will be published in the magazine issue closest to the actual birth date.


These advertisements will be for photographers specializing in pets, artists and artisans who create cat art and handmade cat products, and other cat related items. As well as breeders, rescues, and other compaines providing for pet health.


I doubt an explanation is needed...but this will cover gifts and products for cats and cat lovers, as well as occasional reviews and gift guides. Different price points will be covered so everyone can get something that fits in their budget!

Story Time 

I have a wonderful writer that will share a story each issue of his life with two Sphynx. I am always in tears from laughter after reading one of his stories, so I am sure others will also enjoy these. Laughter is the best medicine after all! 


Look Ma.... 

Photo contest! We will be picking our favorite submissions and picking winners each issue. This section will have themes, such as "Look Ma... I'm a big helper", "Look Ma... I'm the cutest!", "Look Ma...I'm an acrobat", etc.  


Kidz & Katz

We will accept submissions of artwork done by kids 16 and younger. To begin with this will simply be a gallery page. In the future we hope to add a prize for our favorite submissions.  


Finders, Keepers  

A page where we will talk to a Sphynx owner who has rescued one of our wrinkly friends. We think it is important for readers to understand both the joys of rescuing, but also the many trials and problems they should be prepared for.


We Are The Champions..  

A gallery page for Sphynx who have recently won titles

and awards at shows.

(All Registeries Accepted)